Myopia Control

Myopia is being called an epidemic 

It is an epidemic in the truest sense on the definition:  a sudden, widespread occurrence of a particular undesirable phenomenon. 

Today over 10 Million Children are Myopic (near-sighted) . Researchers are predicting that by the year 2050 over half the worlds population will be myopic.

In the US, the number of children who are myopic has doubled in over the course of just one generation.  Researchers predict that by 2050 the incidence of myopia will increase a further 40% over today's levels.  This will translate into almost 60 million kids under the age of 17 being myopic and having to depend on glasses or contacts to see for the rest of their lives.

As parents, it is upsetting to see our child's vision getting worse every year.  Parents who remember getting glasses themselves feared it was just a matter of time before their children needed them too.  But the rate  and severity of myopia is growing so fast that researchers believe there are other contributing factors beyond genetics.

Many studies now point to environmental and behavioral factors such as increased screen time and decreased outdoor activities during the child's formative years of development.  These factors are a major change in our children's environment and are believed to have a role in causing the increase in myopia.

Increased out door time and less screen time can help!  Our lives are so busy! It seems impossible to get the kids off the devices and it may be impractical to get them outside more (but we should try).

GOOD NEWS.  There is something that can be done about myopia.  Research is validating new treatment and treatments that have been in use for 30 years by progressive doctors who refused to accept that this was just how the visual system was going to be.  Thank you to those tireless doctors who refuse to accept the norm and continue to just prescribe stronger and stronger glasses. 

Southern Focus Vision Center and our Doctors are committed to providing you the best possible options to help you ensure your children's eyes are healthy and seeing their best for a lifetime. 



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